Designers & Developers s.r.o.

Designers & Developers s.r.o.
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Company description

We improve the experience on the Internet. With every e-shop we improve, every website we shape or every application we create we help the users of the Web.

We deliver different solutions. From simple websites to complex web applications, we got you covered. Custom CMS, helpdesk support or continuous improvements? Just ask us.

The web should be nice to look at, yet more importantly, it has to be functional. Because only then, it can earn money for our clients. And that’s where we shine. We connect propagation with all the processes in the development so that the resulting web is well designed to look at, easy to maintain, and functional. Simply a web which will attract new customers and help our clients to progress in their business further.

Contact person

Martin Henych
777 262 424

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