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Company description

Thanks to Freelo, the whole company knows what to do, deadlines don't slip, information is not lost. Freelo is friendly and easy to use tool for business communication and is enjoyed by companies such as Nikon, Kärcher, GroupM.

“Freelo has become a great help for us. It suits me and my colleagues in all respects. Thanks to Freelo, our communication is clearer and we have all our tasks in one place. Freelo saves us time and therefore money.”

  • Martina Vojtíšková, Kärcher

“Thanks to Freelo, we have more insight into who does what and who hangs. Everyone can easily trace the status of the task and who solves it. Plus, with our mobile apps, we always have Freelo with us.”

  • Pavlína Broďáni, Nikon

Contact person

Karel Dytrych
776 133 789

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