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Company description

We will provide you with comprehensive services when you expand your online stores to foreign countries. We will introduce your online stores and gradually establish it in new, attractive markets and help you develop your business there. Thanks to the wide range of our services, we will take care of you from entering the new market to the stable and profitable operation of your business. Come with us. We will be your stable and strong partner.

Countries we are working in: HU, CRO, SI, SK, CZ, PL, RO, BG, DE, FR, ES

  • SEO translations
  • Customer support – native speakers
  • Reverz logistic – local address rental for return management
  • Fulfillment – Slovakia, Poland
  • Marketing – SEO, PPC campaigns, soc. media, local influencers
  • Local law and accountant
  • New market research**

Contact person

Tomáš Vrtík

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