RFPACK Refurbishment & Fulfillment

RFPACK Refurbishment & Fulfillment
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Company description

RFPACK Refurbishment & Fulfillment

Comprehensive warehousing and logistics solutions for large and small e-shops.

Do you run an e-shop? Leave the worries of order processing to us and get more time and resources for the development of your business!


RFPACK combines Refurbishment and Fulfillment services. Thanks to the Refurbishment service, the comprehensive RFPACK service can take care not only of products that have already been made, but also of those that need to be technically and hardware-wise prepared and assembled into the final state. The goods made in this way are then taken over by the Fulfillment service – they store them and then distribute them to the given places directly into the hands of the customer.


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Peter Bulko

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